bev foster

MA, BEd, BMus, ARCT, AMus Founder, Room 217 Foundation

“Whatever her medium, Patty Kingsley innovates, programs, events, and artistic processes. I have never seen anyone able to cross mediums, social settings, and generations quite like her.”

sandra timmims

Parent- Private Student

“One hour with Patty like like a week in a regular art class for my son.”

A. Harley

A gift of art

“Patty is a force of art for the joy it gives to living. Patty embodies creative energy. She gives of herself and her talents. She is a team player and yet can step into leadership roles as needed. Like an ocean wave, a visit with Patty leaves you with glorious seashells of inspiration and energy as she moves on.”

I Have now come to think of myself as ‘Yvonne before patty,’ and ‘Yvonne after patty,’ im not even kidding because something inside me has changed. there has been a shift in my brain...
— Yvonne nullity - Ontario secondary school teacher